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We offer a unique set of consulting services for
high net worth families and nonprofit organizations

Comprehensive Financial Advisor Evaluations

Obtaining an independent, unbiased assessment of one’s current financial advisor is important given the complex and opaque nature of the wealth management industry. With extensive industry insight and expertise in the evaluation of financial advisors and wealth management firms, SpringReef conducts detailed reviews of clients’ existing advisors, assessing them across six critical dimensions, including both qualitative and quantitative measures, and based on a 50-point rating system. Our assessment examines a provider’s regulatory history, industry experience, client focus, quality of investment process, breadth and depth of investment solutions, strength of performance, and fairness of fees, among other factors.

Searches for Best-in-Class Financial Advisors

Finding the right wealth management provider, particularly one who can meet the complex needs of a high net worth family or nonprofit organization, can be challenging. Between the staggering size of the wealth management industry and the sales-centered nature of the business, identifying best-in-class professionals can quickly become a difficult and confusing endeavor.

SpringReef helps clients separate exceptional wealth management providers from their less capable counterparts. Using our comprehensive due diligence process, we conduct evaluations on financial advisors from broker-dealers, registered investment advisers (RIAs), private banks, and trust companies, and recommend professionals who not only have outstanding investment experience, knowledge, and capabilities, but who are also well-matched with our clients’ needs, goals and values.

Ongoing Monitoring and Coordination of Advisor Relationships

SpringReef also offers clients continued monitoring and coordination of advisor relationships to ensure advice, performance, and service remain aligned with their needs, goals, and expectations. As part of this offering, we participate in periodic investment performance reviews with financial advisors, acting as an independent partner and advocate for our clients.

Client-Specific, Project-Based Wealth Management Consulting

For clients who seek wealth management guidance that falls outside of our traditional offerings, SpringReef provides customized consulting services to meet their specific needs. Our unique insight into the industry allows us to provide an objective and unbiased perspective on a wide array of important wealth management matters, including overall investment management strategy and vehicles, asset allocation, passive versus active investing, and discretionary versus non-discretionary management.

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