how we’re different

At SpringReef, we pride ourselves on offering independent, unbiased,
and conflict-free advice


We are not affiliated with any financial advisors or wealth management firms – we work solely for our clients.

We do not receive compensation from the firms or advisors we evaluate or recommend, helping ensure our independence and objectivity.

We do not manage any client assets or investment portfolios, nor do we recommend specific investments.

The value we offer to our clients is unparalleled:

We bring structure, thoroughness and rigor to the evaluation of advisors, a process that all too often lacks the depth, scrutiny and expertise critical to identifying excellence.

We help clients ensure their investment fees are within industry norms and reflective of the expertise and value being delivered.

We offer continued monitoring of advisor relationships to ensure advice and performance remain aligned with a client’s needs and expectations.

Our evaluations and advice are based on over 55 years of cumulative investment industry experience, combined with unparalleled expertise in advisor assessment.

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