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These Are the Top Independent Advisors and RIAs. How to Pick the Right One (Doug Black Quoted)


“It’s a good idea to work with a firm where your wealth level doesn’t make you an outlier, says Black. If you’re far wealthier than your firm’s typical client, your advisor probably doesn’t have much experience in serving your needs, and might not have access to high-end investments like private equity and hedge funds. If you’re smaller, you’re likely to get less attention—unless, that is, you have a clear path to wealth, such as employee stock options.”

Best of Barron’s Advisor Q&A (Doug Black Featured)


Doug Black: Matchmaker Between Ultrawealthy Clients and Advisors (Feature)


“…Black reveals what the most desirable and discerning clients want in a firm. Investment performance is just one part of it. After all, a firm might owe its good track record to luck, Black says, adding that firms wanting to serve SpringReef’s clients should be ready to fill out the mother of all questionnaires. But in the end, says Black, advisors often get the nod due to a factor that can’t be quantified.”

These Are America’s Top 100 Financial Advisors & Teams (Doug Black Quoted)


“If you’re looking to hire a successful financial advisor, Doug Black would like to offer some perspective: Nearly all advisors start with zero clients, he says, and those who rise to the top do so in no small part due to their winning personalities.

“You should assume that the person you’re talking to is going to be charismatic,” says Black…  “You need to dig underneath that charisma to find out the facts.”

Where the Banks Hide Your Fees (Doug Black Referenced)


“If you just want clean-cut assistance on getting your banking fees cut… then consider the respected Doug Black of … SpringReef, who charges families a flat [hourly fee] for his analytic and negotiating services.”

Investors Stick With Assets That Mimic Hedge Funds

The New York Times

A Google Private Bank?


Private Banking Fees of the Future


Superrich Overpaying For Financial Advice (Black Quoted)


“…Black provided Penta with a benchmark list of what a $10 million family should be paying in total…, both for their advisor and underlying investments…

Of course, selecting an advisor isn’t only about fees but also about the right fit… here’s a simple rule that will help: If your total portfolio is underperforming its benchmark by less than 1%, you should question your advisor, but if it’s regularly over 100 bps, you’ve got a real problem you need to address.”

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